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Brock Chambers, LMT

Musician and
Massage Therapist

I studied Massage Therapy and Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy from the Center of Advanced Therapeutics in Denver, Colorado. I've been a classical double bassist since fifth grade and currently play with the Boulder Philharmonic.

1777 S. Bellaire St, Suite 430
Denver, CO 80222


Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy

• Pain Relief
• Greater Range of Motion

A more clinical form of massage focusing on relieving muscular pain and increasing range of motion. Used to treat problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, nerve entrapments, postural issues, muscle and soft tissue pain, headaches, TMJ and much more.

Musician Performance Massage

• More Musicality
• Longer Career
• Injury Prevention and Recovery
• Audition Preparation

Combining my skills in Neuromuscular Therapies with my ear for music to help musicians play at a higher level. Play faster, more in-tune, more accurately, with less effort. You will be able to create better music and enjoy a longer career, while staying injury free.