Brock Chambers, LMT, NMT

Massage Tips

Getting good pressure
The secret to getting good pressure is giving me good feedback. Keep in mind that even in one muscle the pain level can go from a little, to a lot, and back to a little in a short amount of space. So while a deep pressure might be great in one place a lighter pressure might be better in others. As you gain a better sense of what your body likes you'll be able to guide me and relieve your pains quicker.

Understanding Trigger Points
Trigger Points are tender points that usually refer pain to other parts of the body or to a larger area than I'm working. When a trigger point causes a referral let me know. Sometimes I need to continue working the same way, but sometimes I need to do a different treatment. I have found that trigger points are usually responsible for a much larger area of discomfort and more profound pain. Releasing these small points in the muscle can help a lot more than just general rubbing. But if the pain goes out from where I'm working, let me know and we'll take care of it.

Breathing is good
Many of us hold tension in our breath. That can not only translate into sore muscles through your ribs and back, but also elsewhere in your body. When I'm working on your muscles, especially when they are sore, check in with your breath. Deeper and more relaxed is what we are working towards. And if you can't take a deeper breath the pressure is probably too much, so ask me to go lighter until you can breath easier.