Brock Chambers, LMT, NMT


Karen Nelson – Karen uses a gentler form of chiropractic that is different from the traditional "back cracking." Those who don't normally like chiropractors like Karen's work. She is also very good at directing those who have had trouble finding the correct type of treatment. 7090 E. Hampden Ave., Suite D, Denver, CO 80224, 303-363-6153

Marc Drillings – A traditional Chiropractor whose goal is to get you better quickly. He also uses some acupuncture to assist in loosening the muscles. No packages or long term treatment plans, just good chiropractic. 1805 S. Bellaire St., Suite 520, Denver, CO 80222, 303-758-5023

Living Yoga with Kelly Moore and Steven Norber – Certified Iyengar Teachers, Kelly and Steven, will work with you and your body wherever you are at. They offer different leveled classes as well as Gentle, Basics, and Veteran's Support, and even one on one lessons. 1776 S. Jackson St., Suite 810, Denver, CO 80222. Visit website

Cranial Sacral
Maedée Duprès at A Living Arts Center – Though I do some Cranial Sacral work Maedée is more knowledgeable. Cranial Sacral work is great for chronic tensions, headaches, lack of focus and many other issues that don't seem to respond to other more invasive work. Maedée works in a number of other modalities, including Alexander Technique. 2231 S. Platte River Drive, Denver, CO 80223, 303-781-7102. Email Maedée. Visit website

Alexander Technique
Heidi Brende-Leathwood – There is no one in Colorado that uses the Alexander Technique with more musicians. Based out of DU's Lamont School of Music and a Teacher Trainer at the Alexander Technique Denver school she's great in working with musicians of all instruments. 720-839-2549 Email Heidi. Visit website

Maedée Duprès at A Living Arts Center – Maedée does great work helping people release the tension that they don't even know they are holding. While massage can release the restrictions Alexander Technique can teach you to change the habits that keep the problems coming back. Maedée has a strong background in Dance as well. 2231 S. Platte River Drive, Denver, CO 80223, 303-781-7102. Email Maedée. Visit website