Brock Chambers, LMT, NMT

triangle Massage Etiquette

Do I have to undress?
No. There are times when it might be more effective to work without clothes, but honestly many issues can be addressed without you taking any clothes off. If you do undress you will have a sheet covering you and I will only uncover the body part(s) that I'm working on at the moment. Many people do undress completely or down to their underwear, but don't feel pressured to do so. As we work together you'll become more comfortable. My massage work is about helping you get out of pain and relax. Make yourself comfortable.

I'm often cold (or hot) do you have any suggestions?
Yes. If you are cold, I have a blanket, a room heater, and a table warmer. If you are hot, I have air conditioning, lighter sheets and a window that I can open.

Is talking okay during the massage?
Talking is up to you. Most people find it more beneficial to keep the talking to the work at hand. But sometimes it's good to talk out your stresses, which is fine, but keep in mind that I'm not a psychologist. I will follow your lead and it's perfectly fine if you need to tell me that we need to only talk about the work.

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